From now on, entry to Olivia Garden is FREE!

From Monday to Friday, from 4 p.m. and throughout the weekend, the gates to our garden are open free of charge, and if you are a user of the Olivka application, you can enjoy free admission as much as you want, regardless of the day and time!

Olivia Garden
Olivia Garden
Enter the garden, sit among tropical greenery and spend your time the way you like. Lively and stimulating at night, refreshing and soothing during the day
The inspiration here comes directly from nature, and the flavors are reminiscent of exotic islands. From the depth of oriental cuisine
, we chose dishes seasoned with adventure and fragrant with exoticism.
Tropical greenery. Three zones of more than
120 m² of deep, tropical forest. You will hear it and feel it!
Stage with a stand
Impressive auditorium that encourages the exchange of ideas and meetings. It’s a place where ideas come naturally.