About Garden
About Garden
Tropikalna flora
8720 m2
It’s all for you 8720 m³ of greenery where you will find 150 species and nearly 3000plants.
4 continents
Plants from 4 continents – take a closer look at how beautiful they are.
Tropical Bar TIKI
Colourful cocktails, aromatic compositions, fresh ingredients.
Get carried away by this adventure.
Harmony and relaxation
Places in which you will hear only nature and will get some perspective. You will relax.
immerse yourself in the garden

We took care of the sensorics, so you will feel this place
with all your senses. Hear the birds sing
and the sound of falling drops, smell how the fragrant yang smells like, see what the garden looks like at sunset.

Meditation Zone
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Dialogue and Relaxation Zone
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Deep work
Silence Zone
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Informal meetings
Food & Drink Zone
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